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      what happens, and Ime shure you feel the saim way. Annabel."

      "Yes?" Norma waited, a study in polite attention. The trace fell slowly in her hand to the pad on her knees and rested there."You two step forward one pace," he commanded. "Gentleman, I've got my six. The rest are yours."

      "But I don't want to be with the Humphreys, sir," broke in Jim. "Me and Monty Scruggs"

      Hot words sprang to Shorty's lips, but he remembered the General's injunction about the character and dignity of the staff, and restrained himself to merely saying:The young Irishmen were wild with excitement, and wanted to rush down and club the rebels, but the Lieutenant restrained them, though he could not get them to reload their guns. As Si was bringing down his gun he noticed the Englishman aiming at the groups about the officers.

      "Yis," added Hennessey, "and didn't my Captain, after Chickamaugy, git us all new uniforms and complete kits, by reportin' iverything 'lost in action?' Smart man, my Captain, Oi tell yez."Chapter 3


      "What star was it?"